Search HydroShare Resources using solr conventions.

hs_search(page = NULL, count = NULL, text = NULL, author = NULL, ...)



(integer) A page number within the paginated result set.


(integer) Number of results to return per page.


(character) Search across all Resource Fields


(character) Search by author


Additional parameters passed to the HydroShare API. See details.


A list with .next, .prev, and results attributes. results returns a tibble.


Additional Parameters:

ParameterData/Object TypeDescription
contributorcharacter vectorSearch by contributor(s)
subjectcharacter vectorSearch within subject keywords
abstractcharacterSearch within the abstract
resource_typecharacterSearch by resource type
content_typecharacter vectorSearch by content type(s)
coverage_typecharacter vectorSearch by coverage type(s) (point, box, period)
availabilitycharacter vectorSearch by availabilities (discoverable, public, published)
createdDateSearch by created date
modifiedDateSearch by modified date
start_dateDateSearch by start date
end_dateDateSearch by end date
eastnumericSearch by location or box center east longitude
northnumericSearch by location or box center north latitude
eastlimitnumericSearch by east limit longitude
westlimitnumericSearch by west limit longitude
northlimitnumericSearch by north limit latitude
southlimitnumericSearch by south limit latitude