Query the HydroShare Discover Page



A tibble of the first 40 results from HydroShare's Discover Page. See details for tibble description.


Main tibble

The returned tibble contains the following columns:

  • id: The resource's unique HydroShare ID.

  • title: The title of the resource.

  • url: A url to the corresponding resource.

  • author: The primary author of the resource.

  • abstract: The abstract of the resource.

  • metadata: Metadata tibble associated with the resource. (see below)


The metadata tibble can be accessed via $metadata, and contains the columns:

  • authors: All authors of the resource.

  • contributor: All contributors for the resource.

  • author_link: A URL (if it exists) to the primary author's HydroShare profile.

  • owner: The owner(s) of the resource.

  • subject: The subject tags of the resource.

  • created: The date the resource was created.

  • modified: The laste data the resource was modified.

  • availability: The availability tags of the resource.

  • type: The resource type.